August 2022

On the 31th of August 2022 Illarramendi finishes his 10th Symphony (more information on "Concert works - Symphonic Music" secion).

May 2019

The 16th Alicante Film Festival pays homage to the composer Angel Illarramendi with the "Music for the Image" Prize. This prize will be given during the closing gala to be held in the gardens of the Provincial Council on May 18.

May 2019
On the occasion of the fifth centenary of the world tour of Elcano, the Quincena Musical de San Sebastian has commissioned Angel Illarramendi the string work "Juan Sebastián Elcano" that will be released next August 14 in the church of San Salvador de Getaria.


June 2018

A double album with the Euskadi Symphonic Orchestra, the Orfeón Donostiarra and the Choral of Zarautz, directed by José Miguel Pérez Sierra in a monographic concert dedicated to Angel Illarramendi, will be out next December

This is the live recording of the Tribute to Angel Concert that took place in Zarautz on September 15, 2017.

The main part of the album, edited by KARONTE, consists of the works: "Zarautz", "Concerto for clarinet, piano, viola and orchestra" with the soloists Juan Navarro, Josu Okiñena and Delphine Dupuy, and the "7th Symphony".

This recording aims to be a true reflection of what was lived there that night.


On September 23rd, at the Music Theater Concert to be held at the Anoeta Velodrome, at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, among other works will be included the suite of Illarramendi "LOS BORGIA" performed by the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra and the Orfeón Donostiarra, under the direction of José Miguel Pérez Sierra


On September 15, with the sponsorship of the Zarautz City Council, the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, Orfeón Donostiarra and the Zarautz Choir, Angel Illarramendi will dedicate a monograph with his following works:
- Symphonic poem "ZARAUTZ"
- "CONCIERTO FOR CLARINET, PIANO, VIOLA AND ORQUESTA" (premiere) being the soloists: clarinete Juan Navarro, piano Yosu Okiñena and viola Delphine Dupuy
- "7th SYMPHONY".

Directer: José Miguel Pérez Sierra
Location: Zarautz Sports Center


October 2016

As part of the 7th Contemporary Music Concert Series "Musikagileak", Ametsa Gazte Choir from Irun directed by Jon Aizpuru will perform A. Illarramendi's "MEZA" , a work originally written for Mixed Voices and Organ. It will be performed in its concert version of Mixed Voices, Piano and String Quartet at the Museum of San Telmo (San Sebastian), on Saturday, October the 15th at 20:00.


August 2016

On 23, 24, 25 and 26 August and within Musical Fortnight of Donostia 2016 (Andante Fortnight) work "TERNUA"for male voices choir Coro Easo commissioned by and written for the occasion will be released. This work will also be performed by the Choir Newman Sound Labrador (Canada)


February 2016

February 5 - Check the disc ILLARRAMENDI ANGEL - SINFONIAS 4 "naïve" And 9th

December 2015

Next February 5, 2016 will be released a Disc Illarramendi two symphonies, Symphony No. FOUR "naïve" and the ninth, performed by the Symphony Orchestra of Euskadi, the mezzosoprano Maite Arruabarrena and directed by José Miguel Pérez Sierra. This CD will be released by Sony Classsical

On 18 and 19 February 2016 the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra premiered the work "ZARAUTZ" in Bilbao at the Euskalduna Theatre directed by Nabil Shehata.


August 2015

Next Juanary will be released a Disc with two symphonies Illarramendi, the Number Four "Naive" and the ninth, performed by the Symphony Orchestra of Euskadi, the mezzosoprano Maite Arruabarrena and directed by Jose Miguel Perez Sierra. This CD will be released by Sony Classsical

August 2015

Angel Illarramendi is currently composing music for the movie "The content of Silence" directed by Helena Taberna

April 2015

The next April, the Basque National Orchestra premiered the SYMPHONY No 9 Illarramendi directed by José Miguel Pérez Sierra

December 2014

On Saturday December 13 at 12:30 hours, the work of Angel CHAIN ACUATICA for cello, played by Iagoba Fanlo premieres. The concert will be offered at the fair Expoclásica!conciert/c1c3h classical music to be held from 11 to 14 December at the Conde Duque Cultural Centre in Madrid

On December 9, at 19 pm, the documentary film premieres BASQUE GOVERNMENT IN EXILE - CHRONICLE OF HOPE in Bizkaia Mitxelena room Aretoa UPV / EHU Bilbao /1625156/1943703/AGENDA+8-12+de+DIC.pdf. . It is produced by Media Triano and used music repertoire Angel.

August 2014

UME-Musicsales, has just published the sheet music for piano "CHAIN AQUATIC"

July 2014

Last December, Angel ended his 9th Symphony. The month of April 2015 will be his debut with the Basque National Orchestra

October 2013

On October 9th, piano player José Menor will perform Illarrameni's work "Cadena acuática" as part of a piano recital that will be held at Manuel de Falla Hall in Madrid (SGAE headquarters). It has been programmed for 19:00 and will comprehend works selected to promote contemporary Spanish piano composition.

September 2013

On November 21st, Bilbao's Symphonic Orchestra (BOS) has scheduled a concert consisting of works belonging to the Basque and Navarre Composers' Association, that will take place at Bilbao's Campos Eliseos Theatre. Included in the programme, Angel Illarramendi's 4th Symphony's 3rd movement will be performed.

August 2013

On September the 26th and forming part of San Sebastian's 61st Film Festival programme, the Basque National Orchestra will perform a cinema music concert, conducted by Andrés Salado, comprehending part of Illarramendi's orchestral suite "Una historia reciente".

Thursday, September 26th 2013, at the BNO House in Miramon (San Sebastian), at 20:00


July 2013

- Next 18th of July piano player José Menor, will perform a concert on contemporary Spanish composers at Spectrum NYC, which program includes Angel Illarramendi's "Cadena acuática" ("water chain"), a piano piece composed for the soundtrack of the film "Zorion perfektua" ("Perfect Happiness").

Coincidentally, it is this very piece "Cadena acuática", in performer Josu Okiñena's version, that has been selected as one of the opening themes for a radio program called "El Canto de las Sirenas", conducted by Oscar del Canto at Spanish National Classical Radio, which will be broadcasted all Saturday and Sunday mornings from July to October.

December 2012

- On the 28th of December the film "180 degrees" , with Illarramendi's music and directed by Fernando Kalife, was premiered in Mexico.

- Fernando Berlin's documentary short film "Héroes de los dos bandos" ("heroes from both factions") was premiered, which soundtrack features Illarramendi's "Una historia reciente"

October 2012

During October 2012, the label Karonte published an album which contained soundtracks from the films "Baztan" and "180º" (Mexican film), both by Angel Illarramendi.

September 2012

On the 24th of September the film BAZTAN, directed by Iñaki Elizalde and for which Illarramendi composed its soundtrack, was premiered at San Sebastian's Film Festival "Zinemaldia" (

April 2012

On the 3rd of June 2012, Illarramendi's 4th Simphony "Ingenua" ("Naive") will be premiered, at Manuel de Falla Theater, in Granada, performed by Granada's Conservatory's Shimphony Orchestra, soloist mezzosoprano Magdalena LLamas and conducted by Inmaculada Ferro.

February 2012

Angel has recorded at Sophia with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, the music for the film "Baztan", which features aswell the Choir "Coral de Elizondo" recorded at Elkar Studios.

January 2012

Illarramendi composed the score for the film "La Conspiración" directed by Pedro Olea and premiered om basque tv chanel ETB2 on the 31st, January 2012.

June 2011

Spanish Academy of Arts & Sciences celebrates its 25th anniversary with a concert dedicated to film scores, next Friday 3rd of June at 8 pm, performed at Monumental Theatre, Madrid. The programme will be entirely dedicated to Spanish soundtracks, among the works Angel illarramendi's suite for "El hijo de la novia" ("Son of the Bride").

April 2011

The Music Arts & Sciences Academy (Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias de la Música) has chosen Angel Illarramendi as best classical music author for his work 3th SYMPHONY- HARRI ZURIA, at the XV edition of the Music Awards.
The ceremony will take place next 18 may, at 20’00, at Arteria Coliseum Theatre in Madrid.

March 2011

On 31th March, at 19,30 p.m., a special concert will take place at the National Auditorium in Madrid, cosisting in ciname music. Performing: the Filarmonía Orchestra and Colegio Maravillas Choir, Magdalena Llamas as soloist, and conducting Pascual Osa, referred orchestra's regular conductor. A suite of the score for the film "Los Borgia" has been programmed among other works.

On the 18th of May, the XV edition of The Music Awards "Premios de la Música" will be held at the Arteria Coliseum Theatre in Madrid. Angel Illarramendi is nominated as one of the three composers at the final, in the cathegory of Best Classical Author, for his recently issued 3th SYMPHONY.
The other two composers at this cathegory are Benet Casablancas for "ALTER KLANG" and Zulema de la Cruz for "SAETA (POEMA: RECUERDO)".
Basque newspaper Diario Vasco interviewed Illarramendi in reference to this nomination, on 7th March.

August 2010

On the 4th of October, Karonte is about to publish Illarramendi's 3th Symphony, "Harri Zuria", recorded live with the Basque National Orchestra, Andra Mari Choir and mezzo-soprano Maite Arruabarrena, conducted by Rubén Gimeno.

The recording was made last 23th May, during the performance that took place as the closing ceremony to Musikaste 2009 music festival.

Also included in this new publication, we can find a remastered new version of the symphonic poem "Espacio Sonriente" ("Smiley Space"), aswell as the string piece "52 Soka", recorded with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Deyan Pavlov.

July 2010

Premiered at Johannesburg the film 180º, at the Big Hall II of Montecasino, in the context of the FIFA World Cup, and supported by Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan. The film received a warm reception.

April 2009

Angel Illarramendi is back from Sofia, after recording with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra the soundtrack for the mexican film "180º", directed by Fernando Kalife.

December 2009

Angel Illarramendi is currently working on the score for the mexican film "180º", directed by Fernando Kalife.

Published by the bank Kutxa a book entitled "Gipuzkoa con los cinco sentidos" has recently been released. Among many other texts concerning the province of Gipuzkoa and the five senses, it contains an essay by Angel Illarramendi about hearing.

On 4th December at 19:30 the film Perfect Happiness " is going to be showed at Modelo cinema in Zarautz, Gipuzkoa. A presentation will take place, director Javier Elortegui and the crew -among them Angel Illarramendi- attending.
After the screening there will be a discussion.

October 2009

Soundtrack for the film "La Buena Nueva" (wich is an adaptation from the 7th Symphony) has been chosen as the best soundtrack at Toulouse Film Festival's 14th edition.

May 2009

The "7th Symphony" receives Best Spanish music record of the year "CD Compact 2009" award. This award is given by the specialized magazine CD Compact.

On the 23th of May 2009, Illarramendi's 3th Symphony "Harri Zuria" will be premiered by the Basque Symphonic Orchestra and the Andra Mari Choir from the village of Renteria, at the closing ceremony of the Musikaste 2009 Festival.

January 2009

Nominated to the CEC 2008 Awards (Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos) for the soundtrack "La Buena Nueva" (which is an adaptation of the "7th Symphony").

July 2008

On the 26th of July the work for choir and piano "Bedatsan bakarka edaten" will be premiered, performed by the "Zarautz Abesbatza" Choir and Antonio Sarasua playing the piano, to celebrate the 25th anniversay of this choir.

March 2008

Next 31th of March the "7th Symphony" will be commercially released, recorded by the Warsaw Philharmonic and conducted by Wojciech Rodek.

Amongst the films exhibited at the 10th edition of the Madrid Fine Arts Circle's Short Cinema Week, Gorka Cornejo's short film "Yo solo miro", with music by Angel Illarramendi, will be premiered on the 4th of March.

October 2007

The 7th Symphony has been recorded by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, for its commercial release. The sessions were recorded at the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall.


September 2007

Angel Illarramendi has just finished composing his 7th Symphony for orchestra and choir.

May 2007

Mr. Illarramendi will attend the 2nd edition of SONCINEMAD, Madrid's Film Music Festival, from the 29th of June to the 1st of July. He will speak at a conference and will be one of the composers to be paid tribute to, having works performed at a special concert at the Kinepolis cinema halls in Madrid.
As part of this concert, parts of the folowing soundtracks will be performed: “Yoyes”, “Tiempo de tormenta”, “Sin fin”, “Teresa, el cuerpo de Cristo”, “Los Borgia” and "El último viaje de Robert Rylands".

Next July and as part of the activities held at the First International Cinema Music Festival at Tenerife ( FIMUCITE), Angel Illarramendi will conduct the Tenerife Film Orchestra & Choir, performing 50 minutes of his music.

The music for the film "Todos Estamos Invitados", directed by Manuel Gutierrez Aragón, was recorded during sessions on May 2007.

March 2007

Interview at (Spanish)
1st part / 2nd part

December 2006

On the 9th of December 2006, 'ELKARREN EREMUA', work for basque flute and accordion, had its premiere performed by Aitor Amilibia (flute) and  Jose Antonio Hontoria (accordion) as part of the musical event called “TXISTUA XXI. MENDEAN”,  organised by the flute players group "Berziztu Txistuzale Elkartea". The premiere took place at Santa Ana church, located at the village of Durango.

September 2006

Recorded at Katowice (Poland), with the NOSPR (National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra), the score for the film "Teresa el cuerpo de Cristo" (about Saint Therese's life) , directed by Ray Loriga.

July 2006

Mr. Illarramendi has been at Warsaw attending the recording sessions for the soundtrack "Los Borgia", directed by Antonio Hernández, with the National Polish Orchestra and Chorus, a mezzo-soprano and four mandolins.

November 2005

ERRATUM .- A double CD album containing excerpts from various Spanish soundtracks has been issued under the title "Una música de cine español" volume 2, published by Spanish label JMB/Karonte. Its tracklist indicates that the music contained in track n. 5 belongs to the film "Tiempo de tormenta" but this is actually a misprint, as the music from that film can be heard in track n. 7 named "Al sur de Granada". To sum up: "Tiempo de tormenta" should be marked as track n. 7.
This excerpt can also be found in the original soundtrack record "Tiempo de Tormenta", named "Por fin llegó la primavera".
This digest double album also contains two more Illarramendi themes: "Hector" and "Buen viaje excelencia".

Mr. Illarramendi has been invited to join the Jury members for the Short Film Festival "Ciudad de Soria" which will be held from November 17 to the 26th.

A new 2 CD album is to be published under the title "Illarramendi 1995-2005", which will include new soundtracks from the films "Luna de Avellaneda" and "Sinfín" as well as the Overture from the chamber opera "Zapatos de mujer". This double disk set completes with a broad selection of remastered material (160') .


Mr. Illarramendi took part in the First International Filmscoring Congress "Ciudad de Ubeda", that was held from the 22th to the 24th of July and was organized by the Townhall of the City of Ubeda (Spain), the Cinema Music Friends' Society and the website


During these last days of April, the score for the film "Sin Fin" -by Manuel Sanadria and Carlos Villaverde- will be recorded at the city of Katowice, in Poland, by NOSPR (National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra). As usual, Angel Illarramendi will attend recording sessions.


Mr. Illarramendi’s score for the film "Hector" was the winner soundtrack at the CEC 2005 Medals (Cinematographic Writers' Circle Award).


Mr. Illarramendi has been nominated to the Condor Awards 2005, given by the Argentinian Cinema Journalists' Circle, in the best soundtrack category, for his work in "Luna de Avellaneda".

Mr. Illarramendi has been proposed as a candidate for the CEC 2005 Medals (Cinematographic Writers' Circle Award), for the music of the film "Hector".


Mr. Illarramendi has been nominated to the Spanish Goya Awards 2004, in the best soundtrack category, for the film "Hector". The ceremony will be held on January 2005.


Mr. Illarramendi has been nominated to the Argentinian "Clarín Espectáculos" Awards 2004, in the best soundtrack category, for the film "Luna de Avellaneda". The ceremony will be held at the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires on December 2004.


Mr. Illarramendi's latest work, the soundtrack for Gracia Querejeta's "Hector", is currently our newest release and can be acquired from our on-line shop. Among the bonus tracks in this new CD we can find the first version of "Cuando Vuelvas a mi Lado" (By my Side Again), as it was originally composed in one single movement. This is a  previously unreleased version, as it was decided to respect the formats used in the film at the time when the soundtrack record was set up. The CD also comprehends a song by Pedro Guerra, used for the final credits in the film, and its instrumental version.

"Luna de Avellaneda" will open the 2004 edition of Valladolid's Film Festival.

Soundtrack from the film "Luna de Avellaneda", directed by Juan Campanella (El Hijo de la Novia / Son of the Bride) and produced by Tornasol and Polka Cine came onto the market in Argentina, where the film was premiered on the 20th of May with great success. In other countries this record will be available as the film is premiered.

The new record "Delitae Musicae" has been released. It is performed by Mario Clavel (flute) and Virginia Alijas (piano) and includes Angel Illarramendi's "Encuentro en Sol".

From 5 to 9 of July and as part of Granada's Music and Dance International Festival, Angel Illarramendi assisted among the teacher staff the course entitled "MUSICAL CREATION FOR IMAGES: FILMSCORING".
For further information:
call 34 958 276 321
or through the net:


Mr. Illarramendi has recently composed the music for Gracia Querejeta's "Hector", which has been recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mr. Illarramendi has finished the score for the film entitled "Luna de Avellaneda", directed by Juan Campanella (El Hijo de la Novia / Son of the Bride). Its premiere will take place in Argentina in May. This recording was registered at IZ Studio, performed by the Basque Ensemble with Joxan Goikoetxea (accordion) and Angel Unzu (mandolin).

Mr. Illarramendi's latest work, music for the film "Perseguidos", directed by Heterio Ortega and produced by Elías Querejeta, has already been recorded at Cinearte, Madrid. The whole score is a piano work, performed by Angel Illarramendi himself.

On April the 6th, 2004, at 20:00 pm his new composition "Haize Beroa" will be performed for the first time by the classical wind quintet "Índalo" in Eresbil, Basque Country.


Enjoy the new excerpt from "BUEN VIAJE, EXCELENCIA" in our audio samples' section.

Mr. Illarramendi received the “Donosti 2003” award to his professional career.


New soundtrack from the film "BUEN VIAJE, EXCELENCIA" is available in our shop.


New soundtrack from the film "BUEN VIAJE, EXCELENCIA" is soon to be released. The film is directed by Albert Boadella and produced by Lola Films ( premiere in Spain October 10th ). This record, published by Karonte/KMB, contains diverse additional contents- firstly, previously unreleased work such as the soundtracks from the films "The Man with Rain in his Shoes / Twice Upon a Yesterday", "Shampoo Horns" and "Asesinato en Febrero", music from the documentary series "El Partido del Siglo", as well as work composed for some of the TV documentaries "El Ojo de la Cámara". Secondly, a CD-Rom track containing a 20 min length documentary about the recording of the score for "Buen Viaje, Excelencia" in Prague and interviews with Albert Boadella, Ángel Illarramendi and José Vinader.

On 20th and 21st of November, he will lecture at a short course about film scoring among the activities held at "Alternativa 2003" (Barcelona Independent Cinema Festival).

Mr. Illarramendi is currently composing the score for "HECTOR", a Gracia Querejeta film.


Recently published record "TIEMPO DE TORMENTA" added to the following sections: "Audio Samples", "Shop", "Work" and "Records"


Our on-line shop is open.

Mr. Illarramendi has been awarded "audience's prize" by the web-site -specialized in soundtracks- for his work in the film "TIEMPO DE TORMENTA". He had received this same prize in 2001 for his score in the film "PRESENCE OF MIND".


Angel Illarramendi's last cinema work, "TIEMPO DE TORMENTA", directed by Pedro Olea, will be released at the end of April in the Malaga Film Festival. Simultaneously, the soundtrack CD will come onto the market edited by JMB/Karonte. Its recording took place in Prague, with Mario Klemens conducting the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

On the 27th of April 2003, his Mass for four mixed voices and organ's premiere will be performed at the Franciscans' Church in Zarauz at 12:30 am, by the "Zarautz Abesbatza" choir and José Iturria, organist, directed by Miren Jaione Escudero.

By the end of April he is recording in Prague, with the City of Prague Orchestra, the music for the film "Buen Viaje Excelencia", directed by Albert Boadella and produced by Lola Films.

Mr. Illarramendi is about to begin composing a score for Gracia Querejeta's last film, "Hector", its shooting already finished.

"Zarautz", a symphonic work ordered by the Film Scoring Course Organization of Zarauz, will soon be performed and recorded.

Double CD "UNA MUSICA DE CINE ESPAÑOL" (Spanish Cinema's Music) was released some time ago by JMB/Karonte. This Spanish film score compilation contains some of Illarramendi's works: "EL HIJO DE LA NOVIA" (Son of the Bride), "ANTIGUA VIDA MIA" (Antigua and My Life Before), "YOYES", "EL REY DE LA GRANJA", "LA ISLA DEL CANGREJO" and "EL CELO" (Presence of Mind).