World premier recordings of Angel Illarramendi's "Zarautz" Symphonic Poem and the Concerto for Clarinet, Piano, Viola and Orchestra.

Both works were offered as part of the Tribute Concert that took place in the town of Zarautz on September 15, 2017, featuring also Illarramendi's 7th Symphony, which receives through this double album its second published recording.


CD 1

  1. Zarautz (Symphonic Poem) | 15:24
  2. Concerto for Clarinet, Piano, Viola and Orchestra
    I. Allegro | 06:26
    II. Adagio - Andante | 12:53
    III. Presto - Allegro | 09:49

CD 2

  1. 7th Symphony | 38:15
  2. Muerte de César (Suite OST "Los Borgia") | 03:16
  3. Zarautz (Final section) | 04:19
  4. Agur Jaunak (José de Olaizola) | 03:04

Recorded live in Zarautz on September 15, 2017

Basque National Orchestra: Conductor, José Miguel Pérez-Sierra
Orfeón Donostiarra Choir: Conductor, José Antonio Sainz Alfaro
Zarautz Abesbatza Choir: Conductor, Jaione Eskudero Etxabe
Piano: Josu Okiñena
Clarinet: Juan Navarro
Viola: Delphine Dupuy
Vocal soloist from Orfeón Donostiarra: Nora Goyalde

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